Theatre Academy kinderACT



Moving up in school also means moving up in responsibility. Your Kindergartener will continue their knowledge of theatre fundamentals in KinderACT. Just a tad more structured than the Preschool Class, KinderACT will still focus on all of the theatre fundamentals from the Preschool Class with a punch. They will now start to memorize lines, blocking and the flow of a show while still staying at their level. This class will further build their confidence so they can be a great member of a Stage Prep class the next year and the Production Class in years to come.  KinderACT will dive deeper into the world of theatre with our fun and energetic teachers.

  • two semesters available  •  Fall and Spring  •  each will be different  •  enroll in one or both
  • Monday classes are 5:30PM-6:30PM  •  Saturday classes are 9:30AM-10:30AM
  • first semester  •  Monday classes start on September 10th and end December 17th  •  Saturday classes start on September 15th and end December 22nd
  • second semester  •  Monday classes start on January 7th and end on March 18th  •  Saturday classes start on January 12th and end March 23rd


This is your chance to get a sneak peek at the new facility, meet the teachers/directors, ask questions, and enroll your students for the upcoming semester.
Ruby Theatre | 615 S. 10th Street | St. Joseph, MO
Alternative Purchase Locations
in person | Ruby Theatre | 615 S. 10th Street
by phone | 816.232.1778

Confidence, voice quality, body movement and theatre fundamentals; your child will experience these and more in our age-appropriate theatre classes. Embarking on our eighth year, Theatre Academy has expanded to offer Preschool thru 8th Grade classes not only on Saturdays but also after school. Theatre Classes are about finding your child’s confidence through fun and exciting theatre experiences. Learning fundamentals of theatre will make your child more confident not only on stage but also in the classroom and on the playing field! Being able to speak in front of people is a skill that will live on through adulthood. Join us for a year of fun! 

• All instructors are qualified actors, artistic directors, and/or stage technical directors with over 50 years combined experience in theatre. 

• Class size: 
           kinderACT: 5 minimum / 12 maximum 

• Each class will have one Volunteer Theatre Intern. Interns are experienced high school theatre students who have completed an application form and submitted a letter of recommendation. Interns will earn volunteer hours for programs such as National Honor Society, A+, etc. 

• Each class is independent of the other; new actors may enroll for any class without feeling left behind; experienced actors will not feel held back. Students are encouraged to repeat a course to reinforce acting skills since they will study / perform different scripts and concepts each year.